Recent Language Justice Articles

I’ve published a couple articles on language justice related to my day job this year. Check em’ out!

In April, I published a piece on language diversity with three colleagues, Ana Derr, Hannah Hollamon, and Dr. Johnny Lew, in our college’s Division of Learning Newsletter. Despite raising what we thought were tough questions related to equity, the piece was well received by coworkers and administrators. It led to our coalition growing and may have influenced the recent adoption of equity-minded services and programming.

In June, my director Dana Marron and I published a piece in the Mixed Methods Blog of the Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Columbia University. I learned a lot from discussions with CCRC researchers. And it was cool to lift up voices of partners and students in the piece while spotlighting glaring inequity in the design of dual enrollment programs in Maryland. I loved teaching one of the classes described in the piece. We had four amazing class guests who emphasized the value of multilingualism and translanguaging. The students designed their own final assignment, two presentation slideshows for their high school peers about the summer program, which they knocked out of the park. It was also gratifying to have my college’s president mention the program in her opening remarks at fall convocation last month. Both the Baltimore Sun and the Campus Current will feature stories about it this fall. I’ll share the links to those articles when they drop.

Students in a newly-built lecture hall
My students and I were the first class to use the lecture hall in the brand new Health & Life Sciences Building. We also got to use HawkFlex, the college’s new hybrid learning technology, twice this summer.



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Owen Silverman Andrews

Owen Silverman Andrews

I write about solidarity organizing, electoral politics, language learning, multilingual ed, community college, and occasional fiction.